Why a Bad Meal Will Not Ruin Your Low Carb Diet

Think one bad meal will throw off your entire low carb diet? Think again.

Why a Bad Meal Will Not Ruin Your Low Carb DietOkay, tell me if this sounds familiar.

You have started your healthy eating journey, but alas! You have guests in town, and together you enjoy delicious, unhealthy meals. Before you know it, your clothes are tight again and you feel all bloated. Damn. You try to start eating healthy again, and then BAM. A bad lunch gets you off track. Oh well, you can start again next week. Might as well enjoy carby foods this week…

This mindset has been mine many times. And every time I slide back into bad habits, I feel defeated.

Is a week of bad eating really ruin my hard work, though?

I decided to test this theory. I tried to see if a streak of healthy eating could counteract a streak of bad eating – see my results below!

The Test

Monday through Thursday of the test week was spent getting back on my healthy eating journey. My starting weight was back to 13 pounds heavier than my goal, I felt bloated, and my clothes were tight. Bad for me, but good for gauging the effectiveness of my test.

On Monday I stayed low carb, even giving up coffee. A good day. I skipped breakfast, snacked on deli meat throughout the day, then ate a healthy dinner.

On Tuesday, I again stayed low carb all day. I even managed to work in 45 minutes of moderate exercise!

Wednesday and Thursday were not all low carb. During my evening book club on Wednesday, I scarfed-down about six no-bake cookies. Yikes. And Thursday’s lunch at work had mashed potatoes. Not a complete success, but again, I wondered if it would ruin my two days of great food choices.

Each day of the week I slept seven to eight hours and drank three to five 12-oz glasses of water. So, did my two meals of high carb foods throw off my entire diet?


No, you ask? Six no-bake cookies and mashed potatoes did not undo all of my work?

No, and I actually lost five pounds. Yes, mostly water weight, but the improvement is proof that a couple of slip-ups do not ruin the work you put in the rest of the time.

After four days and with a few bad meals, I was still able to see a difference in my body.

My point? Don’t give up. Never give up. If you enjoy a meal that is off-track, use the next meal as a fresh start. Get back to your plan and your menu. You got this. Good luck!

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