Finding the Joy in Low Carb Cooking

You have seen people cook through a cookbook, but no one has gone through one and made each recipe low carb. We plan to attempt that in the next year!

Try doing a low carb cookthrough with the Joy of CookingAs you know by now, I am not a super enthusiastic cook. But after low carb eating and binge-watching “Top Chef” on Hulu, my appreciation for good cooking grows by the day.

I was so inspired that I went on Amazon and purchased the beloved bible of the kitchen called Joy of Cooking.

Per usual, my daily diet has been up and down as we go into the holidays, so an idea occurred to me:

Why not mix my goal of low carb eating with my newfound interest in the Joy of Cooking book?

So, for the next several months, you will find little tests on the blog! When I am able to successfully find low carb ideas or when I successfully convert recipes to low carb, I will share the story, recipe, and photos here on the blog.

Have any recommendations for me? Other cookbooks that changed your diet or life? Leave me a comment!

Want to be healthy but hate to cook?Need a breakthrough in your low carb journey? Check out my short little story on how I was able to shift my mindset about dieting! Or download our free workbook by clicking the image below. Good luck!

Download your free diet workbook!


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