Healthy Eating is Not a Resolution – it is a Lifestyle

If eating healthier next year is a resolution of yours, read why meal planning needs to be a huge part of it.

Read why meal planning is a must for your healthy eating journey. Download your free 2018 calendars!No, we shouldn’t think about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in January alone. But you know what? A new year is a great reminder to renew your motivation and health plan.

Each year I create my weight-loss resolutions, and 2018 was no different. In this blog post, I share my main goal: meal planning.

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Download your free meal planning calendars for 2018! Choose blank or numbered ones, and start your healthy journey from day one.

Keep the Weight Off

A research study showed that people who planned their meals were less likely to be obese. Although meal planning will not directly cause weight reduction, it is a habit that helps you stay healthier. A person who can keep up with meal planning can also keep up exercise, healthy cooking, and strict shopping. Not to mention, planning your meals and shopping ahead of time reduces stress, which reduces stress eating. Win!

Saves Money

Time and time again, I have watched my grocery bill shrink when I shop according to a menu and list. Although I have little to no will power at restaurants, for some reason I can do a pretty solid job of sticking to a shopping list in a grocery store.

People may tell you that eating healthy is expensive, but that has never been the case for me. Yes, almond flour is more expensive than wheat flour, but I end up buying about five times fewer items on my whole trip. When you don’t buy sweets and junk, you save money – who knew!

Eliminates Food Waste

If you are like me, you enjoy a good meal of leftovers. But many times, I end up wasting ingredients that were used in one recipe. Meal planning eliminates this type of food waste because you can plan two or three meals with the same ingredient, like sour cream or milk. Be smart with the types of recipes you plan for the week!

Ready to get your year off to a great start? Download your free diet workbook and menu planning calendars today! Click here to get started.

Download your free diet workbook and menu planning calendars!


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